The bonding process is a special wing of the joining technology that does not require strength of the operator, but high attention and calm. MICROBOND aims at harmonizing the qualification of the microbonding processes at EU level.

MICROBOND objectives

To introduce a new qualifications + to enhance quality of training + qualification of bonding personnel (Adhesive Bonding, Eutectic Bonding and Thermosonic Bonding).

To enhance the qualification of the VET trainers and the improvement of the teaching methods.

To sustain of the improvement of the equity and the inclusion of working personnel with difficulties in learning.


New innovative toolkit of training (course support + presentations + teaching software + video + images).

Evaluation application software.

Demonstrative implementation of the new innovative toolkit of training.

Organisation of transnational short-term learning activity for trainers and Workshops and seminars in 4 EU countries.

More than 40 certificates issued for the participants to the seminars and 10 certificates issued for the trained trainers.

Guidelines for the training and qualification of the personnel who applies microbonding technologies.