The multiplier events developed within project are seminars and workshops.


The workshops were focused on the stakeholders in order to inform them about the innovative toolkit for training and qualification which is composed of: guidelines, learning and teaching materials, evaluation tool. Free discussions about the content of the course, interface of the software and evaluation tool will bring added value to the performance of the output.

The seminars were dedicated to the presentation in detail of the new training and qualification guidelines and to give examples of methodology of training and of the benefits of being qualified. Tutoring of the special issues participants.




Multiplier Events and dissemination .


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Transnational Meetings

Multiplier Events

Short-term training course


Text Box:  MICROBOND, 2016


All dissemination activities were coordinated by IIS

The dissemination activities were put in life based on a Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (elaborated by IIS and discussed and approved by the consortium) at the beginning of the project

The plan considers: actions, dates, responsibilities and quality evaluation for the dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project.

Dissemination objectives:

 Increasing knowledge on the benefits gained through ERASMUS+ funding program to the community and by the MICROBOND project in particular

 Increasing number of the end-users of the results (participants to the seminars and to the future courses)

 Dissemination the result of the project to the stakeholders from manufacturing industry

 Increasing awareness of stakeholders regarding the innovative character of the outcomes in the field of joining technologies

 Ensuring the sustainability of the project activities and outcomes

Implemented Methodologies for Dissemination:

 Online promotion: this activity included:

Links and downloadable materials on own websites of the members.

Publications on accounts on major social networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

 Dissemination Material:

Printed and electronic promotional materials (fliers, posters, template for the presentations used at dissemination events, short video presentation of the project and the project logo) in EN and partners languages

 Promotion and Dissemination Events:

European conferences

Relevant events focused on Qualification and Vocational Training

Schedule of events integrated in the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan



Seminar to disseminate results in Spain


Workshop for stakeholders in Spain


Seminar to disseminate results in Italy


Workshop for stakeholders in Italy


Seminar to disseminate results in Portugal (ISQ)


Workshop for stakeholders in Portugal (ISQ)


Seminar to disseminate results in Romania


Workshop for stakeholders in Romania