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The implementation of the project will be assured by a consortium formed of 5 specialized in joining processes partners of 5 EU countries: BE, RO, IT, PT and ES. They were considered because of their expertise and experience in:

- specificity of bonding technology (ISQ in MEMS technology, ASR in thermosonic bonding, IIS in eutectic bonding, CESOL in adhesive bonding)

- projects management and implementation (each partner coordinated/participated in large number of EU projects)

- organizing of training activities

- development of specific teaching and learning materials

- development of specific guidelines for training and qualification

- creating contacts with the professionals of the joining domain


The consortium is composed of organizations acting in VET. They are welding associations and welding institutes covering regional/national/international area of activity. Due to that, the consortium brings the following strong points:

1. The consortium is characterized by European dimension being composed of partners from BE, RO, IT, PT and ES. The partners have good professional expertise and good management expertise. Due to that, they fulfill the requirements of the project implementation. That gives to the project the potential of improving different perspectives on national education systems and different concepts on their individual National Qualification Frameworks.

2. The consortium means high specialized  human resources, from 5 countries; their specialization relevant for the project requirements: management, educational, technical and financial specialists. The persons involved in the implementation of the project, they proved technical and management, separately or as group. They have appropriate proved expertise in dissemination, as well, being able to spread the information on the project and to optimize the exploitation of the outcomes at the EU level, with consolidated contact network with great potential to take the project to masses.

3. The members of the consortium have long experience in the management of projects co-financed by the EU Commission through LdV, ERASMUS+ and FP6/FP7/H2020 programs. That will conclude in an optimum approach of the theme and in an optimized work for the implementation of the project and for the management of the project.


Tasks of the partners

The tasks were shared according to the experience and expertise of each partner and of each involved specialist).

ASR approached the Thermosonic bonding process, preparing the specific curricula and the teaching and learning materials for it.

IIS approached the Eutectic bonding process, preparing the specific curricula and the teaching and learning materials for it.

CESOL approached the Adhesive bonding process, preparing the specific curricula and the teaching and learning materials for it.

ISQ, as institute for quality in welding has role in quality of the implementation, together with EWF who proved large experience and expertise in the development and implementation of guidelines.

ISQ approached bonding in MEMS technology.

EWF is the association of the joining specialists at European level and more. Their working groups developed specific Guidelines dedicated to the qualification and certification of personnel in the field of joining. No Guidelines for the training and qualification of bonding personnel was developed until now and this will be one of its tasks within MICROBOND project. The developed Guidelines  will be approved after the end of MICROBOND and it will be applied in different EU countries. EWF will bring large volume of information from its own expertise.

The expertise of all partners in training/education was more than sufficient to fulfill the tasks.

Training of the staff was organized in ES under direct surveillance of EWF.

ASR plays the role of the applicant and coordinator of the project and that is a result of the successful implementation of the LdV EU-JOINTRAINING and ERASMUS+ FUTUREWELD

CESOL, IIS, ISQ and ASR, based on the gained experience in similar activities from LdV and FP6/7 past projects, implement the proposed activities in this project and apply them to the target groups.

All were involved in the dissemination and exploitation of the obtained results.

The working teams of the partners are composed in specialists in training (trainers, teachers), in bonding specialists (researchers and technical staff), in developers of educational materials (teachers from universities, trainers) and in project management.

ASOCIATIA DE SUDURA DIN ROMANIA                                                                   

EUROPEAN FEDERAtION FOR WELDING JOINING AND CUTTING AISBL                                                         


ASOCIACION ESPANOLA DE SOLDADURA Y TECNOLOGIAS DE UNION                                                          

INSTITUTO DE SOLDADURA E QUALIDADE                                                             


Istituto Italiano della Saldatura, IIS Progress srl                                                             


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