Scope of the project:

The project aims to develop a methodology and curricula for qualification of bonding processes personnel. It will address three bonding technologies which are the most used in electronics (Adhesive Bonding, Eutectic Bonding and Thermosonic Bonding), and the development will consist of: specific curricula, adequate work load for each topic, learning and teaching materials (course support, presentations, videos, etc.) and evaluation tool.

Objectives to fulfill:

1. introducing new qualifications + enhancing quality of training + qualification of bonding personnel

Result involved by the objective 1: development of the relevance of qualification on the labor market by introducing a new and innovative toolkit for training and qualification (curricula + teaching and learning materials + evaluation tool), easy to be received by the students with difficulties in learning, based on the experience of different members of the EWF. The qualification (competences and diploma) recognition may be acquired after the elaboration of specific Guideline by the EWF, which is expected to be the next step after the project conclusion.

2. enhancing the qualification of the VET trainers and the improvement of the teaching methods; they will be able the use the new innovative toolkit of training and qualification in bonding processes; more, they will comply to the requirements of the students with difficulties in learning. In the final of the project, the trainers will gain and improvement of their experience in teaching information from the new domain of joining.

3. sustaining of the improvement of the equity and the inclusion of working personnel with difficulties in learning, with reduced mobility or even hand low strength in the labor area of joining processes.


The project is dedicated to the creation of innovation. The innovative product is the new toolkit for the training and qualification (which contains: curricula + teaching and learning materials + evaluation tool) in the fields of 3 bonding processes (eutectic, thermosonic and adhesive)

The project has a component of transfer of best practices - the experiences related to the development of curricula / development of teaching and learning materials / teaching software / examination systems gained by the partners in passed or ongoing projects is brought to MICROBOND and used for the development of the new toolkit.

About MICROBOND project ...

Electronics, ICT and medical industry are in full development in Europe and daily we use them in increasing volume of applications. The joining operations for specific electronic circuits and medical devices have to consider their continuous reduction of dimension. A significant volume of joints are below 1 mm. Due to that, bonding (a.k.a. microbonding) processes have been developed.

Bonding technologies include techniques operated manually and in automated systems. Both cases require well qualified personnel since the applications are of high responsibility and developed under severe quality assurance systems. Microbonding domain was not considered (yet) for harmonization at EU level. Different industries use different conditions and regulations for training/qualification of personnel.

To produce a bond in specific quality conditions, the bonding personnel should be very well trained to operate specific machines. In this moment low number of specialists in bonding processes could be met in EU and, in most of the cases, they are qualified when the necessity appears.

Generally, the joining processes as welding or soldering or brazing entered the general consciousness as a strong male profession. The bonding process is a special wing of the joining technology that does not require strength of the operator, but high attention and calm. These could be characteristics of the people who could not prove high mechanical strength, as people in wheel chairs, people who experienced difficulties in learning theoretical aspects of the sciences or people who were forced to leave the school earlier but have good practical skills. All these persons could receive training to operate simple machines and be able to access the niche of the bonding technologies.

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